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Wayne R. Bilenduke

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Wayne R. Bilenduke

The small northern outpost of Churchill, Canada was discovered in 1619 when a Danish expedition led by Jens Munk wintered where Churchill would later stand. In 1717 Churchill was established as a British whaling and fur trading outpost by the Hudson Bay Company of England. It is a community with almost 400 years of rich and diverse history.

I was born in Churchill, “Polar Bear Capital of the World” and have spent much of my childhood and adult years exploring this vast open expanse in the Subarctic region of Hudson Bay. This unique coastal oasis and huge oceanic expanse can be a treasure trove of sorts where a world of adventure and discovery lie ahead for those willing to explore.

As a wildlife & nature photographer I specialize in arctic theme stills. In the past 20 years my Images have been published on over 150 magazine and book cover’s and continue to be used for many corporate advertising campaigns throughout the world.

During my brief lifetime I have been fortunate in capturing many interesting and unique memories through the viewfinder of a camera and polar bears continue to be at the top of my genre. Photographing polar bears has been both a challenge and adventure that I hope to enjoy for many years to come.

Long live the polar bears.

Wayne R. Bilenduke



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