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Wayne R. Bilenduke

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Polar Bear World Inc

Polar Bear World Inc was established in 2000 by myself, Wayne R. Bilenduke. My natural fascination with polar bears and profession as a wildlife photographer would become the inspiration for creating this website and the company.

Polar Bear World Inc is a corporation that specializes in arctic theme and polar bear photography. A polar bear mother & cubs image is the icon on the company trademark and makes up part of the company name. The Polar Bear has become a global symbol for climate awareness and an important icon of the Canadian North.

In this new age the Polar Bear will face many challenges associated with global climate change, as such the Polar Bear has become an important indicator species to the world.

The polar bears of Churchill, Canada are from the Western Hudson Bay (WHB) polar bear population. The WHB polar bears are the most southerly of 19 distinct populations in the world, they are also the most stressed from increased habitat meltdown.

I hope my website and images inspire you and offer an increased understanding and appreciation for Polar Bear’s and the fascinating world in which we dwell. Enjoy your journey through Polar Bear World!




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